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If you’re looking for a fun, interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, happy place to learn, to share, to connect, to support, come on in and pull up a chair.




I’m Robyn and I’m really glad you’re here.

I’m a native of North Texas and it’s where I still live. I celebrated my fiftieth birthday a few years ago, and a milestone of that sort encourages you to take stock of your current situation.


miss p



This is my Parker. I can tell you without a doubt, that look says it all. She’s a tiny girl with a huge personality and definitely a mama’s girl. She’s certainly the most vocal of all my girls and terribly brave, up to a point. She’ll take on anything and anyone, as long as Mom is there. She loves everyone and will let anyone love on her. She is my heart.







This is my Gigi. She was incredibly smart, very independent, and a complete mess. I was privileged to be her mom for almost 9 years, and I still miss her every single day. She was my conscience.






And this is my Lucy. My first schnauzer and the world’s best dog. I got her when I was living outside of Texas and she traveled back and forth, effortlessly, all the time. She was more human-like than she was canine, and she put up with me trying to feel may way through being a first time dog mom. Even though I had grown up with dogs, one living almost 19 years, it was a different place to be the one responsible for her health and well being. I’ll never have another one like her. She was my soul.


If you go by my education, I’m a lawyer. If you go by my history, I’m a prosecutor. If you go by my recent job, I’m a registrar for an art museum. So, what do I bring to the blogging landscape?

Mostly, I’m an information gatherer, and I enjoy passing what I learn on to others.

I’m going to share information, instructions, tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas about:

  • the home – design; décor; do-it-yourself; organization; food; drinks
  • health – nutrition; exercise; diet (as in what you eat everyday, not a meal plan)
  • beauty – makeup; hair; skincare; nails (because let’s face it, things have changes a LOT since I started wearing makeup)
  • travel – where to go; what to take; how to get there; where to stay, eat, and visit; how to pack
  • lifestyle – parties; holidays; books; music

I want to motivate you to be creative, to spark ideas. I want to encourage you to go beyond your current, to try new things, to experience new places, to meet new people, but I also want you to be comfortable and feel content in your own company, in your own space. The most important thing to me, is to support each other in our efforts, whatever direction we may go.

Why finding perfect?

When you start wearing the ‘badge’ of adult, you form a picture of what your ideal life would be. But as you get older, the picture changes, and you eventually figure out your entire life is about searching for your ideal, because perfect is a journey, not a destination.

I would love to hear what ‘finding perfect‘ means to you. Tell me in the comments.

For more about why I decided to start a blog, see my first post: Welcome!


A little bit of fun:

Things I like: road trips, old movies, thunderstorms, autumn, anonymity

Things I don’t: hypocrisy (walk. the. talk.), pulpy orange juice, ungratefulness

5 people at my dream dinner party: Ann Richards, Maya Angelou, Mick Jagger, Thurgood Marshall, British Suffragist Christabel Pankhurst

My good qualities: sense of fairness, supportive, passionate

My not so good qualities: I’m terribly impatient, don’t always know when to let it go and move on, and unfortunately I’ve been unforgiving. I work hard to do better right up until I have to drive in traffic, and then, all bets are off.

Top 9 favorite albums:

  • Let It Bleed – Rolling Stones
  • Electric – The Cult
  • Appetite for Destruction – Guns n Roses
  • Ten – Pearl Jam
  • The Black Album – Jay Z
  • Definitely Maybe – Oasis
  • Purple Rain – Prince
  • Superunknown – Soundgarden
  • Becoming X – Sneaker Pimps

Top 9 favorite books:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
  • Walking Across Egypt – Clyde Edgerton
  • The Pelican Brief – John Grisham
  • The Blooding – Joseph Wambaugh
  • The Alienist – Caleb Carr
  • Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice
  • Salem’s Lot – Stephen King
  • One L – Scott Turow
  • Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

Top 9 favorite movies:

  • Pulp Fiction
  • The Thin Man
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Drop Dead Fred
  • Suspect
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • The Big Chill
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Tell me about your favorites in the comments.

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