The best opening line I can remember is from Spare Parts, the first book in an all too brief mystery series by author Rick Hanson.


Never disembowel yourself with a claw hammer and never speak to Margot before noon.

It makes you want to continue reading.

Like every person who’s sat down at a keyboard and started writing, my mission is to do the same – make you want to continue reading.

Pancreatic cancer took Hanson when he was only 5 books into the series, and I still mourn the loss. They were funny, irreverent, and endlessly entertaining and I hope to follow in that vein. If I can make you laugh, make you think, if I can arm you with information, show you something that makes your life easier, or share something that comforts or encourages you, then I have done what I intended.


Over the last 5 years or so, I’ve read blogs touching on about every subject you can possibly imagine. If you have an interest in it, someone is writing a blog about it.

I’ve skimmed through blogs on books and authors, lifestyle, and decorating. I’ve enjoyed watching videos about beauty, do-it-yourself projects, and cooking. I’ve poured over online articles related to travel, art, and music. I’ve read, studied, and learned tips for organizing my time, my home, my purse, my wardrobe, my life, and, ironically, my organizer.

The bloggers, vloggers, and gurus who write and produce these informational snippets are beautiful, talented, sometimes quirky people who have the resolve, self-discipline and determination to share themselves and their lives with whomever may come across the information.

I listen, watch, and read and then adapt what I’ve learned to fit into my own life.

Make it mine.

Figure out what works for me.

That’s what I encourage you to do, here.

Read a little, laugh a little, learn a little, and then take it and make it your own.

There’s really no telling what I’ll post about. Cooking (I have a fierce sweet tooth), cocktails, great restaurants, travel, shopping, decorating, reading, organizing (which I’m extremely passionate about, most times), pets – I’ve got ideas to talk about anything and everything. But the one thing I can promise, what you find here will be my take on things. My opinion, my thoughts, unless clearly noted otherwise. From time to time, I’ll introduce you to my family and close friends who’ll take the reins for a post or two to share something they can talk about with a far better base of knowledge than I can.


So, welcome to my little porch, as it were. Pull up a chair and get comfortable. Relax, enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment, if the mood so strikes you. I want to hear from you!

Oh, and the Rick Hanson book? I did continue reading.

I hope you do, too.


Interested in reading Spare Parts by Rick Hanson?


You can find it here.


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