Purses, Bags, and Totes: Calvin Klein Tote

Calvin Klein

Monogrammed Reversible Tote

You’ll find out soon enough, so I may as well confess now, I own more purses, bags, and totes than anyone probably should. But that’s really beside the point, isn’t it?

I have a purse or bag for every occasion, eventuality, or purpose, from the high end of the scale all the way to thrift market treasures. Totes large enough to carry a small child, to small wristlets perfect for traipsing though a flea market and everything in between.


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I purchased this Calvin Klein tote shortly after I returned from Europe last year, a sort of reward, if you will, for not spending the obscene amount of money on my ‘holy grail’ purse I really wanted to buy in Paris. This tote is durable, well designed, comfortable to carry, and extremely versatile.


Calvin Klein Monogrammed Reversible Tote, $148.00

I have this bag in the text brown/brown/dark brown color combination.

It’s made of easy-to-clean PVC and monogrammed with the CK logo.

It measures a generous 16.5″ (side to side/length) x 5.5″ (front to back/width) x 12.5″ (top to bottom/height). (Note: These measurements are taken from my personal bag. Every place I found it online listed the measurements slightly differently in the description.)

In addition to two sturdy, well affixed handles with an 11″ drop, it also has a true shoulder strap with a 24″ drop. Both the handles and the strap are easily removable and both are comfortable on the shoulder. The longer single strap allows you to wear it securely as a cross body bag.

The gold toned hardware is stamped with the Calvin Klein name.

A strong magnetic closure is located in the middle of the opening at the top. This makes for super easy access, but closes up tightly for a nice security feature.


It includes a small pouch that measures 9.25″ (width) x 6.5″ (height) and has a short strap with a lobster claw clip (8″ long not including clip, 9.5″ long including clip) you can use to fasten the pouch to the tote, or to itself for a wristlet loop. (This is a nice feature as there are no internal pockets because the bag is reversible.)



This tote comes with a drawstring dust bag for storage.

This is the ideal multi-purpose tote.

  • School: laptop computer, books, notebooks
  • Work: laptop, folders, binders
  • Travel: carry-on with items for comfort and entertainment on flights
  • Handbag: use alone as a large, roomy purse
  • Tote bag: carry in addition to another handbag being used as a purse


It’s pretty, nicely designed, well made, durable, and can function in just about any capacity.

You can find this tote at:

  • Dillards (12 color combinations)
  • Amazon (10 color combinations, free shipping and free returns)

Stay tuned for a What’s in My Bag follow up post, showing everything I carry in this tote. (As a sneak preview, yes, my laptop does fit in it!)

Do you have a bag that’s super versatile? Tell me about it in the comments.

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