Beautiful You: Overnight Lip Balm

Bath & Body Works

C.O. Bigelow

8 Hour Overnight Recovery

If, like me, you’re forever searching for a night time lip balm that delivers everything it promises, I have good news for you.

When you lay your little head down for the night, there are a variety of things that can pose serious problems when trying to keep your lips moisturized and soft.

Medication? I take decongestants every night before I go to bed, this equates to a super dry mouth and lips. There are many other medications with the same effect.

Sleep with your mouth open? Be prepared for cracked lips devoid of any moisture in the a.m.

Ceiling fan gently blowing all night? Hope you’ve got a glass of water bedside because you’re going to need it when you wake up to get your tongue unstuck from the roof of your mouth.

Forgot to stay hydrated throughout the day? Your skin is going to pay for it in the morning.

Combine two or three of these things, and then throw in the fact you’re not 27 anymore (ahem!), and you realize you’re going to have to take preventative measures. Luckily, skin care products have come a long way and we now have fabulous options designed to help a girl out!

In this post, I’m going to talk about my newest find, a mid-range priced balm from Bath & Body Works.

From the C.O. Bigelow line of products comes My Favorite Night Balm, 8 hour overnight recovery. The quick description: “Overnight recovery lip balm works overtime, repairing lips while you sleep!” I had not heard anything about this treatment, nor had I read any reviews, but I’d used other BBW lip products from this line, and really liked them, so I decided to give it a try.


It comes in a tube with a slanted tip for comfortable sanitary application. (I used MANY lip products over the years that came in pots, which doesn’t make for the most germ-free means of packaging.) The balm is thick, but not sticky. It easily applies to your lips and the slanted tip spreads it quite evenly.


It feels nice going on and lasts well throughout the night, even with occasional water drinking. After brushing my teeth in the morning, I could still feel a light layer on my lips, and, in fact, could do so well into mid-morning.


It’s based on a formula that includes nutrient rich Shea Butter, a heavy hitter as far as softening ingredients go. And the Bigelow products are ethically responsible, as they do not test on animals.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the performance of this lip product. It truly does last at least 8 hours and keeps my lips nicely moisturized and soft overnight, which is exactly what it claims to do.


This tube contains .34 oz (for comparison’s sake, the standard sized Carmex tube is .35 oz.) and sells for $7.50, so it’s more moderately priced. For me, definitely worth it, particularly when you can get fairly decent coupons for Bath & Body Works, and they do have great sales, periodically.

Interested in buying it online? You can do that here. BBW has this product on its Buy 2, Get 1 Free and on top of that deal, use the code FIRSTSNOW for 20% off of your order. These deals are available for online orders, for deals in-store, check the location nearest you. You can find it by clicking the store locator.

Stay tuned for a post about my holy grail lip product!

What overnight lip products do you love? Tell me in the comments.

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