January’s Little Luxuries

Color of the Month


What better way to kick off the new year than with the color of rebirth, white?

But we’re going to put a little spin on things, because as we find ourselves in the depths of the frostiest of seasons, we need a nod to warmer days.

Winter white was the ideal solution.

White is an elegant color associated with purity and things unspoiled or untouched. It is a traditional color for wedding and first communion dresses, and often babies are baptized in a white gown. Snowy white doves are the symbol for peace, worldwide, and doctors used to wear coats that were almost always white.

As a color, it is comprised of all the other colors in the spectrum, which seems counter-intuitive, but true, nonetheless. Some say white is the absence of color, because it doesn’t have a hue until it interacts with something else. Think about sunlight. It’s white until it interacts with precipitation, then it forms a rainbow, because it reflects off the moisture in the air.

Science lessons aside, we’re talking tangible things! Fun, tasty, useful, pretty, things to make your world a little less drab in these long days of winter.

Here are six things to make your winter afternoons float by more quickly and chase the chill away.


scarf – The perfect versatile accessory, scarves balance beauty with function. This burnout scarf is an ideal weight for keeping your neck, ears, or head warm. Dress it up or dress it down, it’ll go with anything. satin pashmina scarf, $20.

votive candle – The Tyler Candle Company’s Pineapple Crush is an easy, inexpensive way to bring a little luxury to any space, and remind you of warmer, sunnier days, in the process. Tyler Candle Company Pineapple Crush votive, $4.

slouchy beanie – Beanies are lifesavers on those bad hair days or for when you’re trying to keep your ears warm. Plus, you look really cute! Ralph Lauren Knit Beanie, $115.

lip balm – Protect your lips with this thick, silky balm that leaves them soft, moisturized, smelling good, and feeling even better. Korres Guava Lip Butter, $12.

pearl necklace – Every woman needs a strand of pearls, the global sign of tasteful competence and confidence. Whether strung alone, or with another stone, pearls are the quintessential accessory. JCPenneys 18″ Ayoka Cultured Pearl Necklace, $813.

macarons – These confections are proof someone up there loves us and Ladurée’s light, flaky macarons are the gold standard. You’ll soon be able to order Ladurée online, here.


Blow off the winter blues by adding a little warm white to these short days and incredibly long nights.

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