February’s Little Luxuries

Color of the Month


It’s the color of girls, big and little, most cotton candy, and many a fluffy tutu, but pink is anything but weak or insubstantial.

If you have a daughter or you’ve watched Clueless one too many times, it’s easy to see how you could tire of it rather quickly. But pink has so many shades that you surely could rotate, if you got sick of one. Soft baby pinks, bright medium peonies, and loud, in-your-face fuchsias cover the gamut of taste.

But let’s talk February.

A holiday centered around love can be a good thing (if you have a love) and a not so good thing (if you don’t), but one thing we can all lament is the weather, which is anything but lovable. One end of the spectrum to the other, you’ll find beautiful 80 degree days mixed in with the worst ice storm in the history of ice storms. And then there’s the bizarre custom of putting all of our weather eggs in the basket of a large, ill-tempered rodent on the second day of the month to determine just how long old man winter is going to hang around. (In case you missed it, the grumpy groundhog saw his shadow, this year.)

So here’s to the shortest month of the year. To the weather woes. To the never being able to remember if it’s leap year, or not. To the powerful pinks, and all of the smart, beautiful girls they represent.


purse – This crossbody is the perfect handbag for travel, a day at the flea market, or date night at an outdoor concert. Rebecca Minkoff crossbody mini MAC, lilac rose, $195.

journal – The pink lined pages of this shiny vinyl journal are just the place to write your deepest, darkest secrets. CR Gibson leatherette bound journal, $13.

metal pail – Catchall. Pen cup. Candy dish. So many possibilities. If you can’t find a similar item at a craft store around Valentine’s Day, this could be the quickest, easiest project, ever. Glue a satin bow and some feathery trim onto a metal pail found at a craft store, and you’re all set.

pen – Doesn’t bling just make writing anything so much better? pink glittered pen with pouch, $12.

bath truffle – Enjoy a luxurious soak in Bumblesoaps’ moisturizing champagne and raspberry #smellslikepink bath truffle. With over 50 made-to-order scents, this indie bath and body company has perfected the bath truffle recipe. Bumblesoaps #smellslikepink bath truffle, $3.

breath mints – These powerful, yet effective little breath mints prove the theory that packaging is everything. The mini sized slide tin fits nicely in a pocket or a small purse. Hint Mint sugar-free peppermint mini tin, $3.

lipstick – YSL’s new creamy oil-in-stick formula leaves lips softer and more moisturized than conventional lipsticks. Choose from 31 shades. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick No. 49 Rose St. Germain, $37.

nail file – The unique tear shape gives this nail file a distinct advantage over conventional files. With both a straight and a curved side, it covers all rough edged nail emergencies. Every Beauty 3-in-1 nail file, $4.


Let a little luxury make your February the best it can possibly be.


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