July’s Little Luxuries

Color of the Month


It’s the most popular color in the world.

Associated with human traits of wisdom, trust, loyalty, sincerity, and confidence, blue is also the color evocative of freedom, open spaces, intuition, and imagination. Its positive aspects invoke feelings of peace, calm, and tranquility. But there’s a flip side to this coin. Melancholy, sadness, depression – they’re also tied to the color.

Pros and cons.

Good and bad.


I love sapphires, blueberries, and yes, even bluebonnets.cotm blueberries



I spent years wearing navy suits, have several pieces of lapis lazuli jewelry, and one of my favorites pairs of shoes, ever, is my open-toed, patent navy pumps.


(By Didier B (Sam67fr) – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Saint Chappelle)

You can be blue (sad), something can come out of the blue (unexpected), or you can have a true blue friend (loyal). There are blue laws, blue language, blue books, and some of the best musicians in the world sang the blues. Blue ribbons celebrate first place, blue-blood is a person of royal or noble birth, and have you ever seen the deep, rich blues of the inside of Saint Chappelle in the heart of Paris?

Blue has always had a place in politics, but these days, despite its general association to being conservative, it’s the color most closely associated with the Democrat party. When states vote for a Democrat candidate they are said to “go blue”. It also has a place in art. Hello Picasso’s Blue Period!

For me blue has always signified peace and calm. The first things that come to my mind are the sky and the water, and as the beach is one of my favorite places, blue is comforting and reassuring to me.

Let’s look at a few ways to incorporate a little blue goodness in your life.


glasses – Drinking glasses in fun colors and shapes are always an inspired idea that add a lovely detail to parties, dinners, or cocktails with friends. Check your local dollar stores for a great selection at the right price! tumblers, 12 for $42.

sun catcher – Hang this leaded glass crescent moon in a sunny window and watch it cast tranquil hues of light across the room. stained glass moon, $10.

bottle – Dark blue bottles are perfect for your essential and/or cooking oils. By protecting the contents from light, your oils stay fresh and fragrant much longer. blue glass bottle 2oz, 12 for $12.

nail polish – This bright blue polish has a brilliant ultramarine quality to it. Paint your fingers or toes to coordinate with an outfit or make a statement all on their own. OPI Correctamundo nail polish, $9.

lapel pin – A beautiful, dainty pin is the perfect versatile accessory. Secure a scarf, brighten the lapel of a favorite suit, attach to a cute hat, the possibilities are endless. These enameled treasures can be found at flea markets, antique stores, and garage/estate sales. They can also be found at both eBay and etsy using the search term “blue enamel bow pin”. enamel pin, $22.

watch – Sparkly watches go with anything. From cocktail dressy to Garage Sale Girls’ Day, they’ll dress you up or down in elegant shine or playful bling. tank watch, $90.

clock – A clock can serve as a multi-functional statement piece. Whether for a table top or a wall, a timekeeper can also be art that is reflective of your own personal style. You can go cute, fun, and whimsical, or sleek and understated, depending on the space. The possibilities are endless, because every room in your home needs a clock. star clock, $4.


The color is so prevalent in our day to day lives, you can’t help but be surrounded by it, whether in the office, a restaurant, or merely driving down the street. Looking around me, I can name at least 15 things that are blue, just within my sight.

It’s also the rare person who doesn’t like at least some shade of it. I’m partial to the darker, deeper, richer tones, but then they’re a bit moody, like me.

Have you ever thought about your favorite hues of blue? Which do you prefer? Robin’s egg? Royal? Navy? Ocean? Tell me about it in the comments.

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