August’s Little Luxuries

Color of the Month


It is hot outside.

Whether you live in Newark or New Orleans, if it’s August, the dog days of summer are upon you, and no color says sweltering heat quite like a bright, bold, dead red.

Not leaning toward orange.

Not too much blue.

Simply, red.

Whereas blue is a color that helps you blend in, there’s no doubt, you’re going to stand out in red. If you’re on the shier, quieter side, red is probably not going to have a huge presence in your wardrobe.

It’s attention grabbing and loud. It’s aggressive and active. And though red is considered bold and even a bit on the wild side, it’s the color most often associated with the stoic and conservative Republican Party.

Red has always been one of my favorites, and though it better suited my personality of 10-15 years ago, I often still gravitate towards it when given an option. It even gives me a bit of sass, when my reserves are running low.

Aside from a lovely cocktail dress I got when I was in law school, I don’t usually do full-on red. A bit of bright accent here or there is enough for me. Luckily, there are plenty of options to fill that role.

As we say farewell to the last vestiges of the oppressive summer heat, here are some fun red punctuations.


This cute storage stool puts the “fun” in functional! Ideal bonus seat that gives you extra storage space, as well. storage stool, $41.

A red vase with a modern, geometric flair can add an extra oomph to any bouquet. vase, $16.

Pull out this darling Brighton handbag when you need a little something for your wallet, lipstick, sunglasses, tissues, and car keys. handbag, $95.

Butter London’s lovely metallic red, Knees Up, is the perfect holiday polish with a bit of ever so tasteful glitz and shine. nail polish, $15.

Slip your shopping bag handles in this oversized padded carabiner and get your purchases inside the house in convenient comfort without sacrificing your forearms for the cause. carabiner, $4.

Pair this unique red bangle with several other silver bracelets to perk up a casual outfit. bracelet, $54.

Polka dots are always right, especially when found on the face of this cute watch that can be super casual, or dressed up. watch, $14.

For a flawless foundation finish, nothing beats a beauty blender, the original makeup sponge that started all the hullaballoo. makeup sponge, $20.

Can’t quit soda? Try Sparkling ICE, a zero calorie sparkling water that is naturally flavored and has vitamins and antioxidants. Refreshing Cherry Limeade is the bomb! drink, 12 for $12.

A bit more about the stool, the padded seat is removable to reveal the storage area.


The whole thing is not terribly heavy and can be moved around somewhat easily. The great thing about it is that you can tuck it almost anywhere and have extra seating and storage. It does double duty while being really cute. This piece would be perfect for a dorm room, small apartment, or anywhere that space is at a premium.

Although it is not all that roomy or convenient, this Corazon bag from Brighton is just so cute, I had to have it.


It does not have a strap of any sort, so the silver metal handles are all you have to carry it. It has a bit of the evening bag vibe going on (lovely but limited in usefulness), but how cute would it be for a late, long lunch with the girls? It was a complete splurge and for no other reason than I loved it.

That will wrap it up for the reds of August. I hope you enjoyed a few of my beloved red luxuries. I must admit, I had a hard time choosing this month, as I have a lot of great red pieces.

Is red a color you enjoy? Tell me about your favorite red things that add energy and sass to your life in the comments.

3 thoughts on “August’s Little Luxuries

  1. Red. It makes me happy anytime.

    My favorite memory of red is a floor length formal dress I owned. It had hand-sewn jeweled details and intricate cut outs in the sleeveless, fitted bodice. I’d worn it years prior then stashed it, forgotten, to the back of my closet. My husband at the time wasn’t a fan of the dress. But do you know the memory of that red dress that brings me to life? The second time I wore it. It was the office Christmas party a month after my divorce from the aforementioned husband. I felt empowered this time when I donned the dress, pinned up my hair, applied evening make-up and slippedninto my heels. My co-workers said I turned all heads when I came in the room. Made even better when I realized that my ex and his new wife being in the room didn’t bother me one bit. I held my head high in my red dress! Looking back, it was the night I took a huge step forward to heal and be me again.

    Yes. Red is an awesome color! Empowering. Bold. Strong. A statement maker without words.

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