What’s In My Bag: Tech Bag

Calvin Klein Tote

Part 1: Tech Bag

Do you ever find yourself binge watching “What’s In My Bag” videos on YouTube? They’re addicting! Although I can’t explain what is so fascinating about them, I will spend an entire Sunday afternoon watching one after the other.

I found they can actually be quite useful. For instance, when getting ready to travel overseas, they were very helpful in giving me a basis to know what I should be packing. You can get great tips and ideas and then apply them to your own needs.

I’m going to post my own “What’s In My Bag” series, but I’m going to do it a little differently. I’ll be featuring my Calvin Klein Monogrammed Reversible Tote, and if you haven’t already, you can click here to read the post I did showing the bag, only. But because I’m waaaaaay too concerned about everything flying around inside of this tote, I have a couple of little bags to organize everything. So, I’ll talk about those individually, and then put everything in the tote in a final post.

First up: the TECH BAG

I use a small zippered bag and mine has the following things. I’ve included links to either the product I have, or in the event it’s no longer available, a similar product. I encourage you to shop around though, as you probably can find better prices on some of these things.


  1. plastic zippered bag: sewing kit, $1.00; Dollar Tree has a travel sewing kit that’s the perfect size. Simply remove the contents, (you can replenish another travel sewing kit), and replace with your tech accessories. (note: Unless you want to buy an entire case of travel sewing kits, you’re going to want to go to a physical store. You can find the nearest Dollar Tree here.)
  2. portable phone charger: Merkury Innovations 2200 mAh Twist Power Bank, $34.99
  3. charging cord for portable phone charger: fits number 8 below. Connects portable phone charger to a USB power adapter (wall plug-in) for recharging.
  4. USB charging cord for iPhone 6: Apple Lightning to USB cable, 1 meter, $19.00
  5. (& 10) tie wrap: Velcro One Wrap, $3.51; I use a small, thin piece of Velcro to secure both the USB charging cord and the ear buds. I cut a piece that measures about 1.5 in. long and no more than a quarter inch wide for each, off a much larger piece. I find the tie wraps sold in the store to be too large for this particular purpose. [note: It must be double sided Velcro to work (hooks on the front, loops on the back) so it sticks to itself. The sticky back does not work for this purpose.]
  6. screen cleaning cloth: This is simply a lens cleaning cloth that came with a pair of glasses. You can buy lens cloths in a variety of colors at Dollar Tree for $1.00.
  7. jump drive: Flash Drive, USB 2.0, 8GB, $11.99; (This is on sale at Office Depot for $3.99 until 10/15/16) I always carry a compact, portable drive.
  8. power adapter for iPhone 6: Apple USB Power Adapter, $19.00
  9. earbuds: Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector, $29.00
  10. tie wrap: See number 5 above.

And there you have it!


Whether you’re traveling or simply changing your handbag, having all of your technical accessories in one convenient zippered pouch is a quick, easy way to stay on the go.

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