What’s In My Bag: HOBO Lauren Wallet

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Part 2: HOBO Lauren Wallet

Nothing makes you feel like you’ve mastered adulting quite like the perfect wallet.

While getting ready to travel to Europe last year, the hunt began for the ideal travel wallet. I had given up carrying a large wallet and moved to a Kate Spade card case in place of a billfold. It was quite functional but offered little in the way of organization. Several months prior, during a lazy afternoon camped out watching YouTube videos about what other women carry in their purses, I had come across this video. Lynette of Living By Lynette gives a thorough review and “walk through” of the HOBO 10th Anniversary Lauren wallet. While planning my trip, I remembered it, and immediately set out to find it.

I ended up buying it on eBay as it was no longer available in retail stores. The ironic twist to this story is that because of all of the flooding rain throughout the South and Southeastern part of the U.S., my package was delayed and did not, in fact, make it in time for me to take on my trip. The upside is, I had a pretty new wallet when I returned home! And I’ve certainly never regretted purchasing it, as it really is the perfect wallet for my currents needs.

But I’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is, as I mentioned, this particular color combination is no longer available. The good news is, the ‘Lauren’ style is a staple in the HOBO collection, so you’ll be able to find it in other color choices, maybe even something you like better!

Let’s take a look:

hobo-1The Lauren wallet measures 8.5 in. wide x 4.5 in. tall (on the cash side) and 5 in. tall (on the card side) x 1 in. wide (this width measure is with all of my things in it).

HOBO Lauren card insert.
HOBO Lauren card insert.

It is made of vibrant pink patent leather, has silver metal closures on both compartments, and a silver metal zipper tab on the middle pouch. The lining in this version is a limited edition 10th birthday fabric with multi colored polka dots, hearts, and stars on a cream colored background.


When opened and laid flat, it measures 9.5 in. across. The magnetic closure is strong, and if you close it, it stays closed. In the middle on one side is an easy access ID slot (I keep my driver’s license in it), on the other, 3 regular card slots (I keep my debit card and my most used credit cards here).


To the side is the zippered pouch. It’s very large and a great place to store receipts and such.


The shorter of the two compartments is secured by a strong snap closure. Once opened it has a large space (I keep cash here) and a zippered inside pocket (I keep coins in here).

hobo-6The taller of the compartments is also secured by a strong snap closure. It has 6 regular card slots (I keep less frequently used credit cards and membership cards in them) on one side with a long open pocket behind them (I keep rewards and points cards in it), and one long open pocket on the other (I keep coupons and gift cards in it).


A couple of things to note:

Both snap closure compartments will comfortably hold my iPhone 6 with room to spare.

This wallet is such a nice size but still compact enough you could carry it as a clutch bag. With your cell phone in one side and lip gloss and car key in the other, you’re on your way!

The Hobo Lauren wallet can be found at Belk (10 different choices, free shipping over $49 and check their current coupons), Nordstrom (8 different choices, free shipping), and Amazon. While the model stays the same in terms of features, the colors/patterns change every year, so Amazon has a lot to choose from including some that are no longer made, as well as new ones.

This is the perfect wallet, pretty, durable and well-made.

You can find out more about HOBO here.


And make sure to subscribe to Lynette’s YouTube Channel here.

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