What’s In My Bag: Calvin Klein Tote

Calvin Klein Tote

Part 4: All Together, Now

Have you discovered the What’s In My Bag videos on YouTube, yet?

They’re like the Crack of the online video world.

I’m not sure what is so fascinating about them, but I’ve spent more than my share of time watching.

I’ve always carried a lot of stuff in my purse, partly because I hate to not have what I need while I’m out and about, and partly because it makes me anxious when I’m not organized. Over the years I’ve managed to put together purses that include everything I want in the least amount of space possible. So today, I’m sharing what works for me with the thought it might give you ideas to make your handbag more useful for you.

I’m currently carrying the Calvin Klein Monogrammed Reversible Tote. Part 1 went through a small tech bag with earbuds, charging cords, etc. You can review it here. Part 2 showcased the HOBO Lauren wallet. You can review it here. Part 3 took a look at the Dior makeup bag. You can review it here. For an in depth review of the tote itself, go here.

Now, we’re going to put the whole thing together, all of the smaller bags into the tote and see what else you can fit in.


As you can note from my previous review of this bag, it is very roomy. Everything fits in nicely, with room to spare.


The top magnetic closure fastens securely.

top-openIt has a nice wide opening for you to see and get inside, easily.


1. makeup bag: previous post

2. notebook: bound journal, $6.

3. pen

4. reading glasses: see below

5. reusable neoprene heat sleeve: heat sleeve, $7. I found mine two per package at Dollar Tree, but that was several years ago, and I haven’t seen them there, lately.

6. tech bag: previous post

7. baby wipes: Huggies Baby Wipes, travel pack; You can pick these up in the travel sized section of any Walmart, Target, drug store, etc. There are 16 in the package and it’s the perfect size to carry in your purse or car.

8. sunglasses in neoprene case: See below for sunglasses, I talk about the case here.

9. key chain: Coach key chain, no longer available. Any key chain with a lobster claw clip will work. I use this for odd and end spare keys.

10. tissues: Kleenex tissues, travel size; You can buy a 3-pack of these purse/travel sized tissues in the travel sized section or by the larger/regular sized tissues at any Walmart, Target, drug store, etc.

11. key fob: My car doesn’t use a key, so I attached a lobster claw clip to fasten it to the inside of the tote, where I can leave it.

12. iPhone 6 with a Speck case: Speck Candy Shell Case for iPhone 6, $35. I’ve had good luck with this case. I had to replace it once because it had cracked, but my phone was undamaged.

13. wallet: previous post

I keep my phone in the small wristlet bag that came with the tote.


Here’s a quick rundown of the glasses I carry:


On the left are the sunglasses I’m using right now. The blue and green polka dot case is from Dollar Tree. You might recognize it from a previous post that I’ve linked above. The sunglasses are from Sunlily. They’re very comfortable, fit well, and are just the right amount of protection from the sun. I cannot find them for sale online.

The glasses on the right are reading glasses, I believe they’re 1.50 or 2.00 strength. I bought these in Barcelona, but you can get really decent reading glasses at Dollar Tree (I talked about them here). You can also pick up sturdy reading glasses at Half Price Books. If you sign up for their mailing list, two or three times a year they will send you coupons that span a week’s time. I usually wait for the 50% off of one item on Sunday and grab a pair, then.

I always carry a glasses cleaning cloth with me.

Additionally, I can tuck in my laptop.


I have a 13 in. HP laptop and it fits very well along with the power cord.


It’s in a thin padded sleeve for protection.



Even though the end of it sticks out of the top a bit, it still fits easily and comfortably on my shoulder. With everything in it, including the laptop, you would still have a little room to pop in a protein bar, a bottle of water, and an external hard drive. This is a great alternative to a backpack or a conventionally styled tote bag. It’s classic and professional, and certainly more compact.

And that concludes the first What’s In My Bag series! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know how you liked it, in the comments.

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