What’s In My Bag: Coach Madison

Coach Madison Op Art
Fuchsia Scarf Print

Confession time.

What are your “Must. Have. More.” obsessions?

You know, something you have plenty of, but can’t resist buying more?

As I suspect it is for most people, my passion for…we’ll call it collecting…certain things changes. For many years it was shoes. The last time I moved I had 8 medium sized moving boxes full of shoes. Heels, sandals, flats, pumps, boots, sneakers, I had shoes for anything and everything that might come up, and then some.

At one time, I could have worn a different set of pajamas every night, and I wouldn’t have worn the same ones twice in a year. Pants, shorts, gowns, long sleeved, tank tops, flannels, well, you get the picture.

One thing I’ve never moved on from, however, is my love of purses. I don’t buy cheap purses, but you won’t find Chanel, Vuitton, or Hermès in my closet, either. I do have my limits, apparently, because even if I did have $50,000 to spend on a Hermès Birkin bag, I honestly don’t think I could bring myself to do it.

For me, it’s been far more affordable options. I’ve gone through phases with Liz Claiborne, Dooney & Bourke, and Brighton. Lately it’s been Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, and, of course, Coach. Today’s What’s In My Bag features on of my all-time favorites. The color, the material, the design all make for the perfect little Spring bag.

Let’s take a look at the Coach Madison Op Art handbag in fuchsia scarf print satin.


Just breaking this happy orange, hot pink, and white handbag out makes me happy. These fun colors can brighten up the dreariest of pre-Spring days when it seems as though the weather will never cooperate and let you spend some time outside.

This compact bag measures as follows:

8.5”W x 5.5”H x 3.5”D

The handle/strap, front placard, and hang tag are dark pink/fuchsia patent leather, and yes, the 7” drop strap is long enough to comfortably fit over your shoulder.

Surprisingly, I can get a LOT in it. Prior to the amazing cameras our phones now have, I was carrying my Nikon Cool Pix, in addition to a small umbrella and all of the usual essentials, in this bag.


This is everything I’ve currently got in the purse, with room to spare for a pair of nice over-sized sunglasses.

  • iPhone 6 with Speck Candy Shell phone case, $35
  • Pampers diaper wipes (I always carry wet wipes with me and these have a mild fragrance, no harsh chemicals, and are a generous size.) diaper wipes, $1
  • Kleenex on-the-go slim pack tissues, $2/3 pack
  • pen
  • Peepers Rainbow Bright reading glasses, $22
  • Coach Madison fuchsia scarf print coin purse/card wallet (You can find similar items on eBay.)
  • reward cards/coupons
  • pouch with iPhone ear buds and small flash drive, $8
  • Tide pen, $7/3 pack
  • makeup bag (This is really a camera case, but it’s the perfect size for a makeup bag.) camera case, $16
  • reusable heat sleeve, $8.


This is actually a Hello Kitty camera case that was a gift. It’s 3.75″W x 4.25″H x 1.25″D, but because it is soft sided, it can hold quite a bit. It has a zippered closure, is made of durable canvas, and has double loops on the back to secure it to a belt, purse strap, or tote handle.


It’s the perfect size for this smaller purse when I want to have a few essentials with me, but don’t have room for a traditional makeup bag.


The flexible sides are much easier to work with than a hard sided case and although compact, easily holds everything you’ll need.


  1. hair elastic with non-skid grip, no slip hair elastics, $13/40 count
  2. small emery board with plastic case (dollar store)
  3. hand cream, Weleda Skin Food, $3
  4. breath mints, breath mints, $3
  5. bobby pins, bobby pins, $6/12 count
  6. dental floss singles, floss singles, $5/50 count
  7. flashlight, mini LED keychain flashlight, $6/3 pack
  8. glasses cleaning cloth
  9. breath strips, Listerine Pocketpaks Strips, $6/3 pack
  10. floss picks, DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks, $2/90 count
  11. lip balm, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, $2
  12. hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer purse pack, $6/5 pack
  13. stop stick for disposable coffee cup
  14. glasses repair tool, glasses repair screwdriver, $6
  15. pill case, purse pill box, $12

Finally, there’s the Coach Madison coin purse/card case in the same fuchsia Op Art scarf print.


This darling little matching coin purse measures 5.5″W (4.5″W at the opening) x 3.5″. It has a handy key chain loop attached and expands enough to accommodate 8 or 9 cards and my key fob.


There is even a super quick handy little pocket on the outside for your license or ID.


Again, all of this fits nicely into the bag, with plenty of room for a couple of odds and ends, including sunglasses, which I inevitably have with me.



You can still pick up a Coach Madison Op Art Scarf Print bag here, and I can usually find a couple listed on eBay.

Perk up and get ready for Spring with Coach!

Tell me about your favorite small purse in the comments.

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