March’s Little Luxuries

Color of the Month


When I was a kid I absolutely detested the color green. To me, it stirred thoughts of Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch and Dr. Seuss’ Grinch. The older I got, the more it grew on me (pun intended!) until presently, it’s one of my favorites. I mean I have 10 different, distinct shades of green nail polish, alone. Now that is some serious green love.

Green has taken on diverse symbolism in our vernacular. You can relax in the green room, move on to greener pastures, and get the green light. You can be green, which can mean you’re new, you’re sick, or you’re jealous, and you can go green, or be environmentally friendly and mindful of reducing your impact on the earth.

Green signifies life, renewal, growth, harmony, balance. It is the color most often found in nature, the color associated with money, and the color that has long been a symbol of fertility.

If you were going to tie green to a month, it would have to be March. For St. Patrick’s Day, when everyone claims a bit o’ the Emerald Isle for a day. For the beginnings of Spring, when Mother Nature stretches and thinks about surfacing. For the world cycling into the start of the seasons.

In celebration, let’s wallow in green this month. Let’s begin. Let’s start fresh. Let’s dust off the patio furniture, break out the sandals, and think about planting the flower beds. Let’s eat lighter, step lighter, and feel lighter. It’s been a long winter, whether literally, figuratively or both, and we’re all ready for some sunshine and fresh air.

How about you?

You ready to get green with me?

Here are a few little green luxuries to get you started.


tank top – Perk up your brunch outfit, sparkle at a concert on the lawn, or party on St. Patty’s Day in a form fitting metallic tank. metallic tank top, $286.

jewelry case – A nicely padded travel jewelry case is just the thing to protect and organize your bits and baubles for an overnighter or a long haul trip, compactly and conveniently. travel jewelry case, $50.

pencil pouch – Keep all of your writing and drawing instruments portable and handy with this small, fun pencil case. pencil pouch, $13.

vase – Brighten and personalize your office, bedroom, or bathroom with a darling piece of cheerful art pottery. art pottery vase, $5.

lipstick – This green (yes green!) lipstick transforms into a creamy rosy pink upon application. It’s like a mood ring for your lips! Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick, $25.

bobby pins – Keep your bangs out of your face with a pop of glam and a touch of color in these pretty twisty hair pins. bobby pins, $6.

exfoliating scrub – Slough off the dry skin and moisturize in a single step with the best exfoliating scrub On. The. Planet. from The Bathing Garden in Elf Morning Blend Coffee Butter Sugar Scrub, a delightfully invigorating scent of coffee, peppermint, and milk chocolate. sugar scrub, $9.

toe separators – These comfy single toe separators will make your at-home pedicure sessions downright salon worthy. toe separators, $9.

Bring a little green into your life. Refresh, rejuvenate, and replenish! And get ready for a great year ahead.

What fun green pops of color do you have in your life? Let me know in the comments.

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