Good for You: Coconut Orange Smoothie

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Coconut Orange Smoothie


Have you ever had an Orange Julius?

You know, those frothy orange juice and milk concoctions that you used to get at the mall when you were really good and didn’t nag and whine asking when you were leaving?

Now you can get them at Dairy Queen here in Texas, and not surprisingly, they taste exactly the same. Since the advent of Pinterest, I decided to hunt for a recipe and found a great one. It was dead on, complete with the unbelievable amount of sugar. No wonder I loved them so.

So in tinkering around with a smoothie recipe, I happened upon this one and realized it tastes exactly like an Orange Julius. Mom says not so much, but I think it’s spot on.

Please note, I use these as meal replacements, but they would be a great source of protein for just before or right after a workout.

The recipe is mine. This makes the perfect smoothie consistency for me, thick enough to be substantial, but not too icy in texture. But be sure and tailor it to your personal taste. I will say, it’s pretty awesome just like it is.

Without further ado, here is the CocoOrange Smoothie.

recipe card

The yogurt is a bit hard to find, but very worth it, and I haven’t found anything comparable. Make sure you always put your milk in the blender carafe first and your ice will incorporate better and your smoothie will be more…, well, smooth. 🙂

ojs3The banana seems to work better with the taste of this particular smoothie if it is fresh and not frozen. For every other smoothie I make, I prefer to use frozen banana slices.

ojs4I’ve already talked about the insulated travel cup I use for my smoothies to keep them super cold and secure. You can read about it here.

ojsThere you have it! A delicious, super simple, healthy, and quick meal for when you’re on the move.

Tell me about your pre- and post-workout snack/mini meals in the comments.


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