May’s Little Luxuries

Color of the Month


Play along with me, here.

For the purposes of this post, we’re going to pretend it’s May 46th, ‘kay?

In my defense, I am recovering from the Death Flu. As in, flu so horrible, I wanted to die. Or more accurately, if I had died, I wouldn’t have been all that upset about it.

But I didn’t, and I am getting better. Day before yesterday was the first day I felt like I didn’t need and hour and a half to recover from eating breakfast, so it looks as though I really will be pulling through.

All of that drama aside, can we talk silver?

Why, you may ask. Because it’s May’s color of the month.

Silver is everywhere! In no small part because a lot of our tech things involve silver.may(silver)iphone

Whether it’s the case on your cell phone or brand name letters on your television, most every piece of technology we own has some form of the color silver.


Silver can also be very classy. After all, the best flatware is Sterling silver. Better quality jewelry is also crafted out of Sterling. A silver anniversary is a significant milestone, and let’s face it, it there anything more elegant than a silver gala?

Want to make packaging look nice? Throw some silver on there. I have three different Dior mascaras and all have silver prominently featured on the tube.


It’s clean, cool, and crisp and makes a nice contrast with other colors. Silver and white, silver and black, silver and gold, there are few colors that cannot be enhanced by silver.

It was very easy to come up with goodies for this month, in fact, I had to pare my choices down so this didn’t get overwhelming. The items I ended up with are fun, frivolous and a little bit funky.

Grab some tea or a fun cocktail, and let’s talk silver, the color of May’s little luxuries.


mock turtleneck – Turn a conservative suit into tasteful party clothes in the blink of an eye with the metallic silver pop of a sleeveless mock turtleneck. mock turtleneck shell, $50.

tumbler – Keep hot, hot, and cold, cold when you’re on-the-go with this 20 oz. double insulated tumbler. Wonder what all of the hype is about? You’ll still have ice in it 24 hours later. Yeti tumbler, $30.

nail polish – Get a modern/futuristic feel with a clean, super high shine, silver chrome polish from Sally Hansen. This looks like it should be on the hubcaps of an Italian sports car. silver chrome polish, $16.

lanyard – Your badge/name tag holder can be as fun and tasteful as your jewelry with this beautiful and functional clip on an adjustable long chain from Brighton. Brighton Badge Clip, $30.

box – Keep treasured jewelry pieces in this velvet lined, silver plated box. Have it engraved to make it extra special for yourself or the perfect gift. Pottery Barn Monogrammable Silver Plated Jewelry Box, $50.

lip plumper – Plump your lips and make them pop at the same time, with a subtle hint of cool silver from the original lip plumper, Lip Venom. Apply over a knock-out color and you’ve got photo worthy lips that would make a model jealous. DuWop Lip Venom Flash in Silver, $17.

glasses clip – Fasten this whimsical cat glasses clip to your top or sweater and avoid constantly misplacing your reading or sun glasses (i.e. parking them on top of your head). These are handy, convenient, cute, and depicting just about any animal or thing that strikes your fancy. eyeglass holder pin, $12.

bracelet – A beautifully cutout vintage sterling bangle bracelet is more than a sentimental keepsake, it’s also a statement piece to any outfit. Whether for a casual girls’ weekend or a quiet anniversary dinner with your love, this is a simple yet memorable way to make anything a special thing. *See note below about the bracelet in the photo. antique silver hinged bangle, $250.

notebook – The lined pages, ribbon bookmark, and attached elastic band to keep it securely closed, make this darling notebook the perfect solution to carry in your purse, tote, or backpack. Poppin Soft Cover Notebook, $11.

hair stick – Use a good dry shampoo (I highly recommend Klorane), twist your hair up, and secure it with a cute hair stick by weaving it through the bun. hair stick, $46.

Silver is also a very versatile color. You can easily pair a muted or dull pair of silver hoops with jeans or a t-shirt dress and sandals to feel put together, but not dressy. On the other hand, an ultra-shiny Sterling collar necklace can make your little black dress look like a million bucks. So, whether you’re looking to silver for the color, or for the material, or both, don’t be afraid to play with it, have fun, and add a little class and elegance to your world.

*The bracelet featured in the photograph belonged to my grandmother. The construction is very unusual, and I couldn’t find anything quite like it online. The markings are all in Chinese, and so I can’t even verify from the piece, itself, whether it is Sterling, or not. I treasure it, regardless, because it was hers.


Do you have a favorite piece of silver jewelry? What other silver items are special to you? Tell me about them in the comments.

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