June’s Little Luxuries

Color of the Month


They call me Mellow Yellow.

Well not really, but the color does bring to mind some fun tunes. Yellow is the perfect color for summer.

Light, airy, and cool all at the same time, yellow can be a serious mood enhancer. We all know the sweetest fruit grows in the summer. Just think of the plethora of delightful yellow fruit including, lemons, pineapple, mangos, grapefruit, star fruit, pears, papaya, there are yellow watermelons, and of course, my favorite, bananas.

It’s a happy color. Emoji smiley faces aren’t yellow by accident. Beloved children’s character Sponge Bob, Square Pants is a yellow sea sponge. There are even stunning yellow diamonds.


It is not a color that typically looks good on me. In fact, it makes me look a bit pale and dead. However, my dear friend gave me a cardigan sweater one year for Christmas, and it is the perfect yellow for me. It leans toward chartreuse, with enough blue in it that the color does not reflect off my occasionally pasty skin. I still have it, still wear it, and still love it.

So let’s have some fun. Pour yourself a glass of sweet, tart lemonade, put on the Beach Boys, and we’re on our way. Come on, get happy with June’s color of the month, yellow.


bath puff – What does your bath puff look like? If it resembles a pile of unstructured netting, maybe it’s time for a new one. Puffs take your soap or body wash and turn them into a mound of magical bubbles that allow you to get all the nooks and crannies squeaky clean. Bath and Body Works bath puff, $4.

bath puff

nail polish – Spice up your manicure game with a metallic yellow polish, because nothing says you’re ready for summer like fingernails with a flash of sunshine. Kleancolor nail laquer in Metallic Yellow, $1.

hand sanitizer – You should always have a purse-sized hand sanitizer with you for life’s little unexpected events and you can’t beat the clean, fresh scent of Bath and Body Works’ Sparkling Limoncello. Bath and Body Works Limoncello PocketBac Sanitizer, 5 pack $6.

mug cover – Keep curious little tongues from sampling your coffee, tea, or chocolate while keeping it piping hot with a cute and functional silicone mug cover. Sunflower Silicone Mug Cover, $8.

nail file – Make sure you’re never caught out and about without a nail file to take care of breaks, chips, and snags. The plastic case keeps everything else in your bag protected. Refill it with a fresh board to always keep your nails in tiptop shape on-the-go. Travel Nail File with Plastic Case, $6.

macarons – If macarons aren’t already a part of your life, they should be. These delightfully light, sweet confections are perfect for dessert, a tasty little snack with coffee, or as part of the afternoon tea menu. You can find them at Whole Foods Market, and usually there are one or two bakeries in larger metropolitan areas that will carry them. Luckily, these days, there is also a great variety online of high quality, fresh macarons. Do yourself a favor, and discover what all of the fuss is about. Macaron Cafe Gift Box (20), $54.

hair elastics – Need a cute way to put a little pop of color into your summer wardrobe? These ouch-less (they don’t have any metal parts to pull or snag your hair) hair bands are just the way to do that. Another product that I am never without, I pick a package up almost every time I’m at the dollar store. Goody Elastic Hair Ties, 30 count $4.

lip balm – Pamper your lips with lip balm in a lovely summer flavor. EOS never disappoints with a lightweight, yet incredibly moisturizing balm that does double duty with an SPF of 15. And the best part, it is SUPER affordable, so you can keep one in your purse, beside your bed, at your desk, in your car, well, you get the idea. EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop with SPF 15, $3.

art pottery – Can you tell I have a thing for art pottery? A unique way to personalize your home or office, a piece of fun pottery makes a great container for pencils and pens, to hold spoons, ladles, spatulas and other kitchen utensils, or use it to hold your prescription and reading glasses (which is exactly what I use the one in the photograph for). You can find vintage pottery in really decent shape at garage and yard sales, auctions, antique and junk shops, thrift stores, and even Goodwill. Red Wing Pottery vase, $28.

tank top – A lightweight tank in a flirty floral print can either serve as the perfect piece for your tropical vacation, or a way to bring the tropics to you. Now all you need is a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand… Ruffle Trimmed Shell, $23.

A big thank you to the Mama! She contributed a few of her own yellow luxuries to make this post just right.

Tell me about your yellow treasures that boost your mood in the comments.



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